Hello Petra! Many thanks to you for breeding such wonderful Labradoodles! Soda is such an amazing easy-to-please gentle dog, and has fitted into our family so well. I expected the early 

months to be hard work and instead toilet and crate training was such a breeze. Soda’s coat is so soft and having a non-shedding dog is such a bonus too. Her personality is exactly what we wanted in a dog, and everyone asks about her when we take her out, as she is so cute. So thanks to you for all the work you do in preparing your puppies for our homes, as well as providing all the answers to my many questions and queries. We love Soda so much – so thanks again! – Sarah & family





It was a pleasure dealing with Myamba Australian Labradoodles and Petra Hahn., to acquire our new Labradoodle puppy – Maple. Petra generously encouraged and allowed us to visit Maple as a puppy in her early weeks, prior to bringing her home. This was a terrific experience for our family, and served to further build the anticipated arrival. Our dealings with Myamba were always extremely professional and caring. Petra was very informative, in regards to caring, training and looking after the puppy, which we found extremely helpful. Maple is a guardian dog of Myamba, and will consequently be bred by Petra for 3 litters. We are looking forward to continuing our relationship with Petra, and being involved in this with her. We benefit everyday from Maple’s fun loving personality, which we believe is reflective of her early weeks in Petra’s care. We would not hesitate to recommend Myamba Australian Labradoodles should you be interested in acquiring a Labradoodle puppy. -The Habner family


Pippa has been a wonderful addition to our family and we can’t imagine not having her. She is very placid and easy going, fitting in with whatever the family is doing. She always loves a cuddle! She loves playing with other dogs and meeting new people. She has such a lovely temperament I never have to worry how she will react no matter if there are strange dogs, elderly or little children. Pippa is very bright and has been really easy to train. She knows lots of words including sit, stay, heel, drop, ta, roll over and shake. She also knows to leave food alone on the coffee table which I find amazing. At night she is happy to curl up in her crate for sleep. Michaela (10) and Pippa play games of soccer, passing the ball to each other, they also play chase sharing the role of being ‘it’. They are really funny to watch. With her dreadlock curls and big grin she turns heads wherever we go, I’m always being asked what breed she is and where I got her. I’m happy to give your name and recommend that they contact you for puppies. Your caring and friendly nature certainly show in your puppies. I’m so glad we chose to get Pippa from you, thank you so much! -Sharon, Michaela and Pippa


Our little girl, Mohi, is now 11 months old and she brings added pleasure daily. She is now in Grade 5 at dog school – top of the class her dad says!! Mohi has been easy to train and seems to thrive on the challenge of anything new. That is not to say she doesn’t still like all the normal puppy things like shoes, plastic and pot plants.

Mohi loves to run around the garden. She enjoys being chased and doing the chasing. She loves to greet visitors and goes running with excitement when the doorbell rings.

Mohi sleeps inside (in her crate) but is equally as happy playing outside by herself or with company. She is friendly and social with people, other dogs and cats and we love her to bits.

Recently I was fortunate to visit Mohi’s breeder, Petra, when the next litter of pups were ready to leave their mum and go home with their new families.

I had a great morning sharing in the joy and excitement that they were all experiencing at the prospect of taking their new puppy home as well as hearing their questions and feeling some of their nervousness too.

It brought back lots of memories and showed me again what a great job Petra does in choosing the right puppy for each new owner and how calming she is at allaying any worries they might have.

Every puppy went home with their own new toy embroidered with their owner’s chosen name on it. The new owners left with their puppies, feeling comfortable knowing that Petra would always only be a phone call away if they should need anything and especially to let her know how her babies are enjoying their new lives!

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