How to Adopt

If you are interested in a Myamba puppy becoming a part of your family, please note that NO litters are currently  available. Email for information regarding long term future possibilities.

When puppies are available, the selection is made according to your lifestyle and household activities.

We select your puppy for you, because traditionally, a puppy was chosen on first impressions when visiting a breeder, but this is no indication of its true personality.

The puppy which appears shy because it is asleep in the corner, may be the one that has been charging around for the last hour and be completely exhausted! The quiet little one that gently comes up to you for a pat, may have just woken up and is getting ready to rumble!  Depending on what they are doing at the time, they all have the ‘cute factor’!

Our daily observation of the puppies from when they first begin to interact, is a far more accurate indication of which puppy will suit your household and lifestyle.

We will do our very best to select your ‘friend for life’.

All of the pet puppies have their age appropriate vaccinations and worming, are micro-chipped, have a 2 year genetic guarantee, pedigree, and are health checked and de-sexed before going to their new forever homes.

The Family Care Home puppies which will hopefully be the next generation of breeding dogs, live with their Guardian family, other than when they are required for breeding.

Families accepted as Guardians for our breeding dogs, have the pleasure of having a Myamba puppy as a member of their family at a greatly reduced rate. A contract outlining the obligations and conditions is expected. Please ask for more details if you think this may suit your family.