Breeding Program

At Myamba, we believe that testing all breeding animals for genetic diseases, is essential for the development of the breed.

It is also very reassuring for anyone considering owning a Labradoodle, to know that their chosen breeder has the test results available for viewing by potential owners, and can be confident of the ethical c0nduct of the breeder.

Tests are conducted for numerous diseases, and more tests are being added as they become available. The results of these tests informs breeders in their selection of stud animals. This information is invaluable for breeders in their efforts to reduce the incidence of debilitating diseases such as hip dysplasia and eye disease.

Having all of our stud dogs thoroughly tested, we are confident to offer a 2 year health guarantee. Although nothing in life is certain, we stand behind our puppies, and if there is any concern regarding their health, you can be assured that it will be addressed promptly and thoroughly.

Fudge and Pups