Welcome to Myamba Labradoodles

The following information is regarding how Myamba Labradoodles has been conducted, and it is recommended that in your search for your future family addition, these standards are used as a guide.

Responsible and ethical breeders will ensure that all of their breeding dogs are comprehensively tested for hip and elbow health, and for sound temperament, before they are used for breeding.

We have always been a small concern with the welfare of our dogs being our main priority. Our aim was to produce dogs that are healthy, have a wonderful family friendly temperament, and an allergy friendly, non-shedding coat.

Our breeding dogs have always lived in our home with us, or in selected Family Care Homes so that they live a normal everyday life as part of a loving household or family.

The wonderful people who have raised our puppies are very special and love and care for their ‘fur kids’ as much as we do. We want our puppies to have a long, healthy, and happy life.


Take a look at our Australian Labradoodle Breeding Program and see why our puppies are so happy and healthy!